Online Roulette

Roulette is an ancient Greek invention that has survived many centuries and come down to us in a few popular variations. There seems to be nothing special about a sectored wheel with 37 or 38 red, black and green wedges, yet this allegedly plain device has millions of fans at land-based casinos and online. Though captivating and highly informative, the history of roulette is beyond the scope of this article. Here you will find the major types of roulette as we know it today, the differences in winning odds depending on the roulette variation, and other interesting things that can make your online casino gaming truly memorable.

Online roulette is governed by the rules established for a classic type of roulette yet it features a few limitations imposed by the nature of internet gaming. Actually, on the display of a PC or smartphone screen the player sees a wheel, which begins rotating after putting a stake, and a marked area with bet kinds. The reviewed online game tries to clone to the maximum extent possible the traditional game and conveys the same vibrant emotions which are experienced when the table croupier calls the involved guests standing at the table to put their chips on the table and then gives away the winning stakes. Whichever roulette variant is picked, immense fun and excitement are guaranteed, especially when playing for real money!

No time constraints is a great advantage of all online roulette titles, whichever vendor supplies the game. Whereas in land-based games visitors are given around 30 seconds for wagering, SA online roulette versions go without this restriction – a user can think for as much time as he wants before placing a bet. Ultimately, online roulette in South Africa is available on handheld devices, provided the casino of your choice supports the mobile website version.

European online roulette

european roulette
This roulette type has thirty-seven numbers on the wheel and table (36 numbers colored in alternate red in black, plus one zero wedge). Ball movements, casino chips and other important game-related items are made digital though an online casino user can control and manage them with ease. The wheel is an exact replica of the classic roulette, with the identical sequence of numbers (32, 15, 19, 4, etc.) and alternation of red and black colors. Bet sizes vary across online roulette developers and start at one cent.

A European online casino roulette enables gamblers to place different kinds of bet and they are identical to these used in classic roulette tables. The bet types are categorized into 2 big subgroups known as inside and outside bets. Inside bets are named so because gamblers put their chips within the borders of the numbered grid. Outside bets are placed on areas located exterior to the numbered grid.

Inside bets include Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner, Basket and Six Line. These bets are intended to cover one to six numbers and have different winning odds and payouts. Outside bets are Red/Black, High/Low, Even/Odd and some others. There are also Call bets but they are not generally accepted across roulette suppliers. Anyway, European roulette provides a well-balanced classic gameplay with the house edge of 2.70%.

American online roulette

american roulette
At first view, American and European variants look identical but in fact, there are minor distinctions between the above mentioned games. First, American roulette uses a different sequence of numbers on the roulette wheel – this is not an important factor for many gamblers; besides, it has no effect on the outcome of a wheel spin.

The second difference is two zero sections on the wheel. The American roulette wheel has 18 red, 18 black and 2 green (zero) numbers. This means each round features slightly lower winning odds than in European roulette.

Another difference relates to bet types. In addition to all the bet variations reviewed above (Red/Black, Straight Up and so on), an American online roulette offers a Five-Number Bet that covers the group of numbers 0, 00, 1 to 3. The table layout is also a little different from European roulette yet both have the same shape and almost identical bet boxes.

French online casino roulette

French roulette
French roulette differs from both above-mentioned variants in that it has bet names in French, for example, Manque for Low, Passe for High and so on. Other bets are the same as above. The key difference is the use of En Prison and La Partage rules in French roulette, which lower down the house edge to the minimum of 1.35%. However, variations with either or both rules are not frequent on the gambling market of today.

The La Partage rule is valid with regard to even-money stakes only (the ones that have only two outcomes such as Red/Black, Even/Odd). If the ball stops on the zero area, the player loses only 1/2 of his bet. The En Prison rule also comes into effect if the ball lands on zero. In this case, the croupier puts a dolly on the table near that bet and then spins the wheel for the 2nd time. If the player wins the bet as a result of that second spin, he takes the entire initial bet, otherwise the casino holds 100% of the stake.

Differences in online roulette odds

Each online casino game, whether a slot, roulette or BJ, has a specific percentage value for a house edge that depends basically on the game type. Similarly, each game has a fixed player’s percentage advantage which shows a long-term player’s return. European roulette has a house edge of 2.7% meaning the casino’s average profit from the player’s bet of ZAR100 is ZAR2.7. In American roulette, the casino advantage is 5.26% – it is higher because there are two zero wedges on the casino wheel.

And finally, French online casino roulette has the same house edge as in European roulette. However, the use of La Partage and Imprisonment rules, mentioned above, reduces the house edge by half, to 1.35%. So in the context of profitability, French online roulette turns out to be the most beneficial for an SA gambler.

Online roulette strategies

Many experts and seasoned gamblers still believe there is some winning strategy that would help the player beat the house. In fact, no fail-safe strategy exist that would be absolutely resistant to loses. The truth is that every roulette has a house edge and this means the online casino gains advantage (though small) over the gambler. Even if the player does succeed in the short run, no strategy can guarantee flawless winning streaks that would turn everyone into millionaires with a wave of a magic wand.