Aviator Spribe Game

Aviator is an instant-win crash game from Spribe, a studio that was kind of off the radar until 2019, when they came up with the iconic crash game. Aviator casino game is based on the ascending curve concept, where players must cash out their bet and the accumulated winnings before it is too late. Aviator is not unique in its genre, for similar crash games were developed by other providers. However, its enduring popularity and unfaded appeal are due to its well-designed engine and potentially high payouts. Betting only ten cents, you get a chance to win up to $10 thousand, which is the game’s maximum. Aviator online game has affordable bet limits, a double-bet option, and a flexible automatic play feature for players who want to sit back, relax, and watch the plane soaring to the sky for high multipliers. This comprehensive review is aimed at those who want to know how to master Aviator game and get to know all its intricacies. 

About Aviator game

Aviator falls under the category of crash games. This means there’s an object (a WW2 red aircraft) that starts flying, at which point a multiplier, depicted on the screen, begins to grow up from 1.00x. Before the plane takes off, the player must place a bet for the nearest round. The timer counting down the betting time takes the form of a shortening line without any digits. Once the line reduces to nothing, which takes about five seconds, the betting time is over, and the plane takes off. 

Players who have not wagered during that five-second span will see the two bet buttons are still active, so one can tap either or both and make a bet. When this happens, the “Waiting For Next Round” message will appear, which means the bet is accepted but will be put into play after the current flight is over. The Aviator game algorithm suggests the player can cancel the last bet while the plane is still in the air. 

Bet sizes in Aviator game online

You can consult accessible bet sizes by clicking the menu button (three horizontal lines) at the top right. Find the Game Limits menu item and pick it. A small popup will inform you of the effective bet sizes in the online casino where you are playing the Aviator crash game. The game developers fixed the minimum and maximum bets at $0.10 and $100, respectively. If your account currency is other than the US dollar, you will most probably see the equivalent amounts in your selected currency (euro, KES, NZD, and so on). The same applies to cryptocurrency betting. 

Some providers, especially live game companies, enable casino operators to shift the top or bottom bets within preset values. However, the guys behind Aviator seem to have fixed the above min/max, so you will see them whichever online casino you are going to visit.

Aviator game RTP

If you have wondered how to hack Aviator game, the answer is “This is impossible”. Seasoned gamblers perfectly know that every online casino game, including Aviator, has a house edge with negative expectation. This means the casino has a mathematical advantage that will make players lose money in the long run.  

The rules read that the theoretical RTP of the Aviator game is 97%. This value has allegedly been determined based on the results of millions of rounds at the game’s development stage. Moreover, this value is effective when the player cashes out at very low multipliers (1.05x and lower) all the time. If you prefer to withdraw at later stages, when the multiplier grows significantly, your theoretical return is going to be lower.

Instant loss concept

Smart players would think, “Why can’t I set my auto cashout tool at 1.01x and have my petty winnings every time I do so?” This seems an obvious solution that could bring a player $1 on every $100 bet. However, game developers are no chumps. They created a guard mechanism against this exploit, which acts like a zero slot in roulette. So, once in a while, the plane flies away at 1.00x. This means all bets placed by every player are transferred to the house. 

No one can tell you how often the 1x activates. There can be ten normal multipliers and then x1. Sometimes, you will experience 30 rounds without the instant loss. During some sessions, you will see two consecutive instant losses. Due to this peculiar feature, no strategy is efficient, even in the short-term horizon.

How to play Aviator casino game for real money

You may play the Aviator bet games in two ways: for real money and for fun credits. Whichever option you pick, you will have to take the same steps. Below we give an approximate scheme of how to play Aviator game in an online casino for real money: 

  1. Decide whether you want to make one or two bets in the round. Think of your preferred bet size and click the right or left (or both) green buttons to place your bet.
  1. Wait for some time until the growing multiplier reaches your desired level, at which point you should click Cash Out.
  1. Test different takes on Aviator betting. Try to combine cashing out at low and high multipliers to come to an ultimate strategy that fits your temper, budget, win expectations, and other factors.
  1. Examine the automatic play features because they can be helpful in many gaming situations. 
  1. Read the Aviator game tricks in this review (below) to avoid the most common mistakes when playing for real money. 

Aviator game: Mobile casino experience

You can play Aviator even on small smartphone screens, in landscape or portrait mode. In a portrait view, the game’s layout is different from the desktop. The active window with the ascending plane is at the top. Below are the two betting areas, located vertically, one under another. The stats section, which is typically on the left-hand side in the desktop version, is located downmost in the mobile Aviator game.  

The game consumes little internet bandwidth. However, players can cut it further by entering the menu and tapping the Animation toggle to make it grey (inactive). This will remove the aeroplane and curve from the screen, leaving only the rising multiplier intact. 

Access to the Auto tab is easy because the buttons are large enough to be tapped precisely. As for the history of the recent round, it displays fewer outcomes than on the desktop, though it does not seem to be a problem for players. All the other features examined in this review (payouts, house edge, settings, etc.) apply to the mobile version as well as they do to the desktop.    

Automatic play feature in Aviator game

This tool comes in handy for players who are going to spend a long time with the Aviator betting game. If one has decided on the bet size and is not going to change it, the auto mode makes the game flow more streamlined, negating the need for setting a bet size every new round. To enable the Auto mode, you should tap “Auto” in the controls area. Players can pick a bet size in three ways:

  • Using four preset options: $1, $2, $5, $10
  • Tapping + or – to increase or decrease the bet size in 10-cent increments. Holding either button will make the bet amount go up or down rapidly
  • Typing in the desired amount manually. You can specify any bet size to the cent

After the player selects the amount, they must click the Auto Play button to open a small popup with further settings. In this popup, the Aviator game prompts you to pick the number of automatic rounds (10, 20, 50 or 100) and one of the three Stop conditions:

  • Stop if cash decreases by . . . (sum in USD)
  • Stop if cash increases by . . . (sum in USD)
  • Stop if one win exceeds . . . (sum in USD)

After selecting the preferred values and tapping Start, the autoplay is enabled immediately from the round that follows.

Auto cashout in Spribe Aviator

The multiplier soars quickly, and its speed increases over time. When it reaches 100x, it can go up to 120x in mere seconds. This makes it almost impossible to cash out at an exact value, especially if the player utilises an Aviator strategy that calls for precise timing.    

This immensely useful feature is indispensable, especially for players who want to cash out at an exact multiplier. To set it properly, you must go to the Auto tab and tap the Auto Cash Out toggle switch. It will move from the default left position to the right and change colour to green when active. After taking all these steps, the game starts cashing out exactly at the multiplier you have selected initially. Note that the player can switch on the auto cashout feature for one or two bets.  

Making a double bet in Aviator

As with many other crash games out there, Spribe Aviator allows placing two bets at a time. The user interface area is divided into two equal parts, each featuring identical buttons and control elements. You can choose to make two bets simultaneously. Here is where strategic thinking can help because you can create as many bet combinations as you wish. Players can choose to cash out at different multipliers, e.g. x1.1 and x5 or set different bet sizes, e.g. $1 and $5.

The maximum bet size of $100 is effective for one bet position, so you can inject up to $200 into one plane flight. Similarly, players are allowed to adjust the auto mode features for both bets, which opens up ample opportunities for Aviator strategies.   

Live statistics in Aviator game

This is one of the most helpful parts of the game because the stats give a clue to the most recent and biggest wins with a breakdown into a day, month, and year. The Aviator money game has three types of statistics posted inside three tabs. The first tab is All Bets.

All Bets list

This is the leftmost tab showing the bets for the current round. This means the info is dynamic and updates with every new flight. Here, you will get to know who makes bets (players’ aliases), the bet amounts, the multipliers at which each player cashes out, and their winnings. The game also shows the total number of connected users who have wagered in the current round. By the way, there are normally about 500 players with active bets.   

My Bets list

This module shows your history of the game session. Tapping “My Bets”, you will remind yourself of the date you placed a bet, its size, and the winnings on each bet. Details of this kind are helpful if you want to keep track of your overall expenses during a certain timeframe or tweak your strategy based on your wins and losses. 

Top list 

If you’ve ever wondered what the highest multiplier was this month or year, open the Top tab and enjoy. Here, you will be presented with the top wins and multipliers grouped by period and sorted by size. We will make a detailed post on this below. This feature lets one see other players’ achievements, with only real-money bets taken into account. 

Round history stats

Spribe Aviator has an extensive Recent Stats module located at the very top of the active screen. It is represented in two formats: short (by default) and extended (opens when clicking on a small red arrow button at the top). The extended history displays the results of the last 60 flights.

Colour coding for Aviator stats

To help players grab the general picture at a glance, Aviator game designers used a colour differentiation approach, coding multipliers with colour, depending on their value. So, opening the history and giving it a one-second glance, you can quickly grasp the trend. This is how the multipliers look in the statistics area: 1.00x to 1.99x—Light blue; 2.00x to 5.00x—Blue and; 5x and higher—Magenta.

Biggest wins in Aviator game online

Game developers set the maximum win to $10,000 per bet. Even if the player wagered $100 and made it to the multiplier of x200, the game will pay off only $10k. The statistics module spans one year, so you will not see the all-time high for the game. The most significant cash prizes conferred for the last day, month or year are posted in the left panel. You should choose Top—Biggest Wins. Interestingly, the table shows many wins that exceed the game limit of $10,000. We think these are the amounts accrued before the actual payout took place. After the player clicks Cash Out, the game cuts the excessive funds that fall outside the range of the ceiling. However, this is what you would see in the stats for one of the months:

  • Bet: $41.15
  • Win, USD: 13718  
  • Multiplier: 333.33x (Note: it is obvious the winner used an automatic cashout functionality; otherwise, it would have been nearly impossible to stop the game with this kind of multiplier)

According to the Aviator built-in stats, more than five players are winning $10k daily. Moreover, the statistics module also has a Multiplier tab, which shows the top multipliers generated by the Aviator betting game for the day, month, and year. For example, statistical data for 2023 shows the following details of the top five multipliers:

  1. 2,586,812x
  2. 1,977,730x
  3. 639,370x
  4. 511,471x
  5. 192,921x

Summing it up, the game software is capable of producing tremendous multipliers occasionally, but players cannot win more than $10,000 per bet.

Provably Fair tool in Aviator game

Looking at the stats, you will see every entry is accompanied by a green shield icon. Similarly, if you browse the history of your bets, you will come across the same thing. Clicking that green icon opens a popup with key info about the round. The Provably Fair technology seems to be helpful and even critical when the player makes a single high bet but loses it in a way that he believes to be unexpectedly fast or unfair. Besides, some players can experience a long losing streak and want to verify there hasn’t been any interference.

There are two sections devoted to the Provably Fair component in Aviator. At the bottom left, there’s a “This game is Provable Fair” inscription. Click it to open a guide with a short but easy article explaining how this technology works. On reading it, you will understand what is a hash, seed, and other terms related to the topic.

At the top right is a familiar hamburger button containing a few menu entries, one of which is “Provably Fair Settings”. This tool lets the player change the default seed and check the Aviator fairness. You may also check an option to enter the seed manually or opt to get a random seed on every new game. Checking fairness is also possible from the bet history.      

Aviator game strategies and tricks

Like other casino games, the Spribe Aviator game relies on the random number generator, which makes all winning strategies useless. Because of the occasional instant-loss situations, guaranteeing a win in the next round is impossible, and no strategy can do this. However, the game has a high return to the player, and everyone can streamline their gameplay to leverage the 97% RTP.

Combine low and high multipliers

The Aviator money game features a double-bet option that adds diversity to betting systems. One of many ways to make use of dual betting is to cash out at a low and high multiplier. This works as follows: You make two bets of the same size (e.g. $1) and then cash out one bet at 2.00x and the second bet—at x10.00x. The first bet (if successful) will bring you a $1 profit that will cover the second wager in case it loses. It goes without saying you will have a pretty low probability of hitting 10.00x, but when you do, the reward will be ten times the bet. On the other hand, the odds of triggering 2.00x are not too high, either; that is why you can treat this approach as a medium-risk one.

Low-risk betting  

Clicking Cash Out at 1.01x bears the lowest risk of losing because the 1.00x occurs rarely. Suppose you bet the game’s max $100 and cash out at 1.01x, in which case you win $1. However, falling across 1.00x will make you suffer a big loss. This is like hitting a zero slot in roulette—no one knows when this is going to happen. If you play Aviator game for real money, try to expand the range of low multipliers at which you click Cash Out., e.g. to 1.05x. This way, you will widen your window of opportunities but make the loss likelier.

High-risk betting

This tip is aimed at players who like high-volatility slots or betting on straight-ups in roulette, i.e. risk-takers. The titular approach implies taking money from the active round at very high plane multiplies, at 100x and up. Experience leads us to conclude that coefficients like that rarely hit, in about 1—2% of rounds, so there is a good chance that the risk lover will lose the entire bankroll as quickly as a wink. On the other hand, there can be a colossal win. High-risk betting is not recommended for everyone; it should be practised cautiously.       

Use Automatic Play features

There are two Automatic Play tools in Spribe Aviator game. One of them is kind of a substitute for a player when it comes to betting. And another is an indispensable helper when an accurate withdrawal timing is needed. e.g. when you want to stop your round at neither more nor less than 3.00x. According to the public in-game stats, top winners get their massive prizes at an exact multiplier, e.g. 500x, and they obviously do this with the help of the Auto Cashout module.

Do not look for patterns

This piece of advice can seem counter-intuitive, but experts recommend against searching for patterns. The matter is that Aviator game prediction does not work. What seems to be a pattern is just a random combination of multipliers. If you see a 1.00x result, the first thought is to bet $100 on the next round because your gut feeling whispers there will not be 1.00x; but in fact, it can happen twice in a row. Similarly, seeing ten low multipliers coming one by one might suggest the 11th multiplier will be high. However, this is incorrect either. To summarise, do not try to find any rationale behind the set of multipliers you can see in the Recent History. Everything is random.   

Aviator casino bonuses

Aviator and other crash games are quite recent developments in online casinos. They are younger than live games and claiming momentum. Gambling venues that want to widen their player base can offer Aviator-targeted promotions, which often come as deposit bonuses. As of today, these bonuses are not the general tendency, so laying your hands on them is challenging. Moreover, some casinos exclude Aviator from general bonus wagering. So, if you happen to claim any bonus, high chances are you will not be able to wager it the required number of times in Aviator and other crash games.

Regardless of the lack of Aviator bonuses in online casinos, the game itself has a Free Bets feature. It works as an incentive tool for casinos that want to give away a bonus from inside the game platform. The Free Bets are similar to free spins in video slots, except that the former represents a certain number of free rounds in Aviator. 

So when inside the Aviator, you should click the menu button (top right)—Free Bets. A popup message will appear, which shows if there are any active free bets available. Here, you can pick whether to play for real money or put the bonus bets at stake. You can also tap the Archive control to see the past bonuses.

Aviator game hack: True or fake?

Some players like cutting corners. They try to look for workarounds, exploits or Aviator game cheats to let them win in every round and stay ahead of the game. Players think they can find a bullet-proof Aviator game hack or strategy to be victorious every time. However, there is no information on any effective hacks to break the game code and gain an advantage from the game. We strongly believe every website offering Aviator game hacks is a scam.

Similarly, some web resources boldly promote so-called Aviator game predictors supposedly designed to forecast the next multipliers. This kind of software tries to find alleged regularities in Aviator multipliers and thus predict the next outcome. However, Aviator game prediction is impossible because all multipliers are generated at random, and the game itself does not store a sequence of millions of multipliers that are output one by one; everything is generated on the fly.


The Aviator game by Spribe is an exhilarating online betting experience that puts players in the captain’s seat of their own destiny. This innovative game allows you to wager $0.1—$100 on the outcome of a virtual aeroplane flight, where you can choose to cash out your bet and the accumulated winnings before the plane crashes. You can monitor the flight’s progress as it unfolds, giving you the option to cash out your bet at any moment for a potential payout that cannot exceed $10,000, according to the Aviator game rules.

Designed to be provably fair, Aviator ensures fairness and transparency in outcomes. It’s accessible across various devices, and many platforms offer a free demo mode to help you get started. With the thrill of real-money winnings and straightforward gameplay, the Aviator game caters to both beginners and seasoned players looking for a unique and exciting betting experience.

Aviator game FAQ

What is Aviator game?
Aviator is a crash game where players are to cash out their bet plus accumulated winnings before the plane flies away, at which point the said amounts will be lost.
How much can I win in Aviator?
Your wins are determined by the bet size and the multiplier at which you make up your mind to cash out. Whatever the case, the highest profit cannot be more than $10,000.
Is Aviator game fair and transparent?
Yes, the Aviator game by Spribe is designed to be fair and transparent. The outcomes are determined by a provably fair algorithm, ensuring a genuinely random and unbiased gaming experience for all players.
Is there a minimum bet requirement for Aviator game?
Yes, there is usually a minimum bet requirement to participate in the Aviator game. The minimum bet amount is 10 cents and may vary depending on your casino currency.
How to play Aviator game?
You should place a bet within the established limits and cash out before the plane flies away. Before playing for real money, you should view the Aviator game features (autoplay, stats, etc.) to avoid mistakes and make the most out of your budget.
When should I click cash out?
You may click the button to take your money at any time while the plane is flying. There’s no correct piece of advice on when it is better to do this. Some prefer to cash out with low multipliers, while others wait until 10.00x or much higher.
How to predict Aviator?
The game outputs each round’s outcome based on the random number generator, so it is impossible for any person or third-party software to make a correct prediction of what the next multiplier will be.
What are the strategies for winning in the Aviator game?
The Aviator game is primarily based on luck and chance. However, some players strategise by carefully selecting their betting amounts and choosing the right moment to cash out to maximise their potential winnings.