Plinko Game

Arcade games, popularly known as instant-win or fast games, are now more popular than ever in South Africa. That’s because they’re easy to play, feature fast gameplay and have impressive multipliers. That said, The Plinko game online is one of the best instant-win titles you can play in South African online casinos. It features the most elementary gameplay rules: ideal for beginners, accepts reasonable bet limits, and you can enjoy fantastic payouts when you play the Plinko game online for real money.

So, with online Plinko, you just need to choose your bet amount and click the play button. A ball will then drop from the top of the triangular online Plinko board. As the ball falls, it will hit pegs on the board (which act as obstacles), making it change direction to the left or right. Small pockets with varying multipliers are placed at the base of the Plinko board online. As such, you’ll receive a payout corresponding to which multiplier the ball landed on. This article will cover everything about online Plinko, from gameplay to payouts, limits, Plinko providers, and everything in between.

What is Plinko?

Players may refer to Plinko as a type of Pachinko, a Japanese game popular for many years since the 1940s. While these two games feature a few similarities, they’re entirely different. With Pachinko, money is inserted into a vertical machine (like a pinball machine), and the player gets small metal balls (the playing pieces). The player then pulls a lever, releasing these metal balls into the Pachinko machine. So, the balls that land on any bonus areas allow players to win more balls, which can later be traded for other tokens, goods, or prizes in a Pachinko Parlour.

Plinko origins

As for Plinko, the game was adopted from the famous American TV show in the 1950s, “The Price is Right.” Plinko was part of the show, also called a pricing game, where participants would be given a flat disc (Plinko chip) with the possibility of earning four more chips, totalling five. Participants would earn more playing chips if they guessed correctly the digit of the two small prizes presented to them.

The participant’s chips would then be dropped from the top of the Plinko board (one by one), which had pegs positioned on the board and zig-zag patterns at the edges of the board that deflected the chips towards the centre. Below the board were nine slots marked with different prizes ($10,000 being the highest).

So, depending on which pocket the participant’s disc landed, they’d receive the corresponding cash prize. This would continue until all the player’s discs are dropped from the top, and the player eventually gets the accumulated prize if their chips were lucky enough to land on cash-prized pockets.

Plinko: Modern adaptation

Online Plinko is more or less the same in the online casino setting but with some nifty modifications. For instance, the Plinko board online doesn’t feature the zig-zag patterns at the sides that make the balls ricochet back to the centre. In addition, the balls in the online Plinko gambling game cannot get stuck on one of the pegs (obstacles) on the board.

However, the gameplay is the same: drop one ball from the top of the pyramid-shaped board and receive a payout proportional to your bet amount and the multiplier coefficient that the online Plinko ball landed on. With the Plinko casino game online, you can win more than the original one since it features high multipliers. Still, you’d need luck to maximise your profits when playing Plinko online for real money.

Plinko online game interface

In safe and secure online casinos in South Africa, you’ll find various Plinko online games from various software providers like BGaming, Spribe, Turbo Games, etc. As such, there’s no standard game interface across all the game developers since each has its design, features, etc. Still, we can point you in the right direction on what you can expect to see when you play Plinko online.

The pyramid-shaped board is the first thing you’ll notice when you launch the Plinko game during online gambling. The board has a field of pins/pegs, which the Plinko balls or discs will bounce from when descending. Usually, you’ll have a maximum of 16 rows of pins, but depending on the provider, you can increase the number of peg rows you’d like to use (from 8 to 16). Below the pyramid board is a set of tiles containing different multiplier coefficients. These multipliers can increase or decrease depending on the volatility level you choose in the game (low, medium, and high) and the number of pin rows selected.

Plinko UI elements

There are specific buttons for switching among the volatility levels. In the betting area, you can increase or decrease your desired bet amount using the (+, -) buttons. Generally, in SA online casinos, you can wager with a minimum of $0.10 up to a maximum of $100. Still, you can find gambling websites with higher or lower betting limits. Also, some Plinko games have an autoplay feature that allows you to play multiple rounds non-stop. 

In most cases, your balance will be displayed on the top section of the game interface, where you can also find the settings to access the game rules and bet limits, adjust the in-game sounds, view your bet history, and learn how to play Plinko online. We’ll delve into the specific UI features when reviewing individual Plinko online games from various software vendors.

How to play Plinko online

The gameplay concept of online Plinko is universal. So, regardless of the online Plinko game provider and the casino site, the playing procedure is pretty standard. However, depending on the provider, each title may feature slightly different payouts (multipliers) and rules. Now that you know what to expect when you launch the Plinko game, here are the steps you should take to play online Plinko for real money:

  1. Find a South African Plinko casino online and create an account. Therefore, pick one and provide personal information like email address, mobile number, name, password, address, etc., to complete registration.
  1. Click the search bar on your selected online casino with Plinko games and type the keyword “Plinko.” From the results, pick your ideal online gambling Plinko game from providers like BGaming, Turbo Games, Spribe, or any other. If your online Plinko casino offers a free-to-play version, we recommend starting there to familiarise yourself with the gameplay.
  1. If you want to play the Plinko game online for real money, deposit funds into your account. As such, select a suitable deposit option from your online casino’s banking section. If you’re playing at a Plinko online crypto casino, you can deposit and play with popular tokens like Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, etc. After confirming your deposit, the funds should reflect in your balance instantaneously.
  1. Choose a desirable bet amount using the (+, -) buttons, considering the $0.10 and $100 minimum and maximum bet limits in most Plinko titles.
  1. Adjust the game’s volatility by choosing your desired risk level (high, medium, and low) and the number of pin rows. For instance, with Spribe’s Plinko gambling online game, the high, medium, and low variances are represented by the red, yellow, and green colours, respectively. The number of peg rows can be tweaked from 12, 14, and then 16.
  1. When you’re ready, hit the designated button to launch a ball from the top of the Plinko online board. You can press this button once again to drop another ball before the first one hits the deck. Alternatively, you can use the autoplay feature (if available) for faster gameplay, where balls are released quickly.
  1. Payouts will be made depending on the multiplier of the tile the ball (s) landed on. You can play multiple rounds while adjusting the volatility and pegs row numbers to find an ideal play mode that yields the best results.

How winnings are calculated in Plinko game online

Like in all online casino games, the amount you win heavily depends on your bet amount and the game’s paytable (multipliers in this case). So, calculating your winnings when playing the Plinko real money online game is pretty straightforward. The amount you win will equal your wagered amount multiplied by the tile multiplier on which the ball(s) landed.

For instance, suppose you wager $3, and the ball lands in a tile with a 1.2 multiplier. In that case, your reward will be $3 x 1.2 = $3.6. Please note that the total winnings include the wagered amount. Therefore, the net win, in this case, will be $3.6 – $3.0 = $0.6. Is it possible to have a negative net win? Absolutely. That brings about the concept of False Wins.

False wins in Plinko online games

The concept of false wins supposedly originates from online video slots. Consider this: Online slots feature a paytable displaying the potential payouts for varying amalgamations of identical symbols. In that regard, you’ll find low-value symbols that reward only a few cents and high-value symbols that award even thousands of times your stake. For example, if you bet $2 in an online slot and form a winning combination of low-value symbols on a payline, the combo can pay out $0.40. Yes, you have a win, but the result is a negative net win: $0.40 – $2.0 = -$1.6 (negative).

In online Plinko, you can also have false wins. These false wins come when you land false-win multipliers paying less than the wagered amount. The number of false multipliers increases the more you raise the game’s volatility level. In some Plinko online versions, expanding the number of peg rows also increases the false multipliers. That means most ball landings will result in a loss when playing with the high-risk volatility. Still, one lucky ball landing on a good multiplier pocket in high volatility mode could award you impressive rewards.

Distribution of multipliers in Plinko online games

The multipliers on a Plinko board online are distributed based on a mathematical model. The model suggests that when the Plinko ball is dropped from the centre at the top of the triangular-shaped board, it will likely land in the centrally-placed multiplier tiles at its base. Furthermore, there’s an even chance that the ball will deflect either to the right or left after hitting the pins on the board, meaning the odds of the ball settling on the tiles at the edges/sides are very low. 

That’s why the multipliers at the centre offer low coefficients while pockets on the far ends of the board feature higher multipliers. Notably, the multipliers are symmetrically arranged on the board, with, say, 0.2x at the centre, 0.7x on either side of 0.2x, a 1.5x multiplier on either side of 0.7x, and so on.

How to select the best Plinko online casino

The SA casino industry has numerous gambling websites; not all can be an excellent fit. For that reason, Mzansi gamblers will find a selection of the best Plinko online casino sites on this page, which we’ve vetted and accredited. Below, you’ll see the factors we considered when choosing the online casinos herein. If you wish to play at an online casino outside our recommendations, consider these elements:

  • Security and licencing: Ensure the casino site online is licenced to operate in South Africa and has industry-standard SSL security protocols. That way, you can enjoy a secure and safe gambling experience. Tip: Avoid online casinos that don’t display their licencing information at the bottom of the home page.
  • Payment methods: A top Plinko casino online should provide a broad spectrum of withdrawal and deposit options to offer players diversity. That way, it’ll be easy to pick an option that best suits you regarding transaction speed, fees, safety, and convenience. Most online casinos will offer credit/debit cards, vouchers, and e-wallet payment options, but you can also play Plinko online via cryptos like Bitcoin.
  • Diverse software providers: Pick an online casino with many software vendors. This automatically means a vast game library and a higher chance of finding several Plinko online games from multiple providers. Therefore, you can choose a Plinko game online that meets your preferences, factoring in elements like game design, multipliers, in-game features, etc. Besides, you can play other online casino games when you get bored.
  • Bonuses and promotions: Online casinos usually offer players various bonus programs to keep them entertained. Therefore, if you’d like to claim a signup bonus or redeem a unique casino bonus code and wager it on the online Plinko game, ensure Plinko qualifies for bonus wagering and confirm the bonus terms and conditions. You should strongly consider another gambling platform if the bonus wagering terms are too outrageous, say, 40x (D+B).
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Also, you should check that the online gambling Plinko platform effortlessly works on both desktop and mobile devices. That means you can easily switch from your desktop to a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) without losing game details and still enjoying the same high graphics. The instant-play mobile casino is usually sufficient for mobile devices, but if the online casino offers a mobile app compatible with your devices, you can still use it.
  • Customer support: You should check whether the online casino provides 24/7 customer support services and what channels are available. Live chat is the best option, as responses are quick. Email, telephone, and social media support options could also be helpful when you encounter challenges while playing the Plinko game online for real money.

Best Plinko online games

As mentioned, you’ll find many Plinko games online from various software providers. The most popular developers of online Plinko titles are BGaming, Spribe, 1x2gaming, Hacksaw Gaming, Funky Games, and Turbo Games. Still, you can find other Plinko titles from up-and-coming game suppliers. While the Plinko games from these providers feature universal gameplay, you’ll find variations in the number of coins released simultaneously in one round, payouts and multipliers, volatility levels, and number of peg rows available. As such, we’ll review the best Plinko games from some of these top game vendors below.

Spribe Online Plinko

Spribe Plinko

Spribe is one of the best developers of arcade-style and instant-win games. The company is relatively new, as it was established in 2018. However, it came into the limelight after releasing its Aviator online game, which is immensely popular. Spribe also has other fast games in its catalogue, including online Plinko, and its titles use provably fair technology to ascertain game fairness.

Game interface in online Plinko from Spribe

The Plinko game online from Spribe features an intuitive interface with vivid UI elements. Of course, you’ll see the pyramid-shaped board in the middle. Below the board are three rows of varying multipliers represented by different colours corresponding to the three variance levels of the game. At the interface’s base, you’ll find the betting area with buttons to change your bet size, an autoplay feature, and three huge buttons (Green, Yellow, and Red) that trigger gameplay.

Above the Plinko online board, you’ll see your latest results if you’ve played several rounds and an option to switch among the various pin rows offered (12-16). On the top right, you can view your bankroll balance, and if you click the menu icon (three lines) next to your balance, you’ll find the provably fair settings, game rules, limits, how to play, bet history, sound settings, and more.

Volatility levels in Spribe Plinko

Variance, or volatility, is a particular wager’s risk and reward measure. It indicates how much and often a game pays out. With Spribe Plinko, players can access three volatility levels depending on how much risk they’re willing to take and, of course, their budget. As mentioned above, you’ll see three lines of multipliers of different colours below the online Plinko board. These colours represent the volatility levels in the game, as highlighted below:

  • High volatility: This option is for risk-takers and players with considerable bankrolls. To play with a high-risk level, click the Red button at the bottom of the game interface. This will release a red ball from the top of the board and land on any red-coloured multiplier tile below the Plinko board to award you a corresponding payout. Notably, wins in the high volatility mode are less frequent but offer large payouts when they hit.
  • Medium volatility: This play mode is denoted by yellow colour on the multiplier rows, and with this option, wins and hit frequencies are moderate. Click the Yellow button, and a yellow ball will be released from the top, ending in any yellow-coloured multiplier pocket.
  • Low volatility: Players will enjoy more frequent but small wins with the low volatility mode. To use this mode, tap the Green UI button after selecting your bet amount, which will release a green ball that eventually lands on any pocket on the green row of multipliers. This mode is suitable for beginners and players on a limited gambling budget.

Pin row options

The Spribe Plinko game in online casinos features three pin row options: 12, 14, and 16. Players can switch between these options as they wish, but what are the implications? Playing Plinko online with 12 rows reduces the number of multipliers and the multiplier coefficients. Conversely, increasing the pin rows to 14 or 16 increases the number of multipliers and their values. So, if you don’t want to take risks when playing the Plinko casino game online for real money, you should opt for the 12 pins while playing in the low volatility mode (Green).

Bet limits and payouts

The least amount you can play with in a round of Spribe Plinko is $0.10, while the maximum is $100. If you check the game’s limits, you’ll notice the max payout for one bet is capped at $10,000. So, high chances are that when you switch gambling platforms, you may find varying limits.

As for payouts, we’ve already covered how winnings are calculated above. With Spribe Plinko, the highest payouts are reserved for the high-volatility mode (Red), where you can win 141x, 353x, and 555x your stake on 12, 14, and 16-row formats, respectively. Here’s a sample of the multipliers you’ll see in Spribe online Plinko on a 16-pin row format:

  • Green: 0.4, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 2.5, 7.7, 35.
  • Yellow: 0.2, 0.7, 1, 1.2, 2.3, 4.5, 12, 61, 118.
  • Red: 0, 0.2, 0.5, 2, 3.5, 8.5, 26, 122, 555.

Autoplay option

Plinko game online casino experts will enjoy the autoplay feature integrated into this title. The feature allows players to customise the automatic play mode per their preferences and budget. These are the available settings:

  • Bet colour: You can pick the ball colour (green, yellow, and red) you wish to be released when the feature starts. These balls correspond to the risk level you desire. So, for example, picking the red ball means you’ll play in the high volatility mode.
  • Number of rounds: This setting allows you to adjust how many rounds the autoplay feature will play before stopping. The options start from 3 going up to 500 rounds.
  • Stop conditions: You can halt this feature by selecting a preset amount by which your cash decreases or increases. Also, you can set the feature to stop if a single win exceeds your chosen amount by a certain amount.
  • Win or lose actions: You can choose to increase or decrease your bet using the “If I Lost” and “If I Win” actions.

Mass launch of Plinko balls

If you click the Red, Yellow, and Green trigger buttons multiple times, multiple balls will be released depending on the button(s) you hit and the number of times. Therefore, three green balls will be launched if you tap the Green button three times. The same applies to the Yellow and Red options. Also, you can click each button once, releasing a ball of each colour on the online Plinko board.

Provably Fair Plinko online casino gambling

Spribe is one of the few iGaming providers incorporating this fairness technology into their games catalogue. So, with provably fair technology, players can enjoy a more transparent gambling experience since they can ascertain the fairness or honesty of each game outcome (win/lose). If you click the menu icon on the top right corner of the game’s interface and go to “Provably Fair Settings,” you’ll find information about the client and server seeds, plus more about how the technology works. To confirm a particular outcome, go to “Bets History” and click the shield icon on the far right.

BGaming Plinko

BGaning Plinko

The provider’s Plinko online version has the same gameplay rules but several notable differences, especially with the design. So, with BGaming Plinko, the triangular-shaped board is pinned to the right side of the interface with the player statistics (time, payout, bet, and profit) on the left. This stats panel is usually empty when you commence playing the Plinko game online for real money, but it fills up the more you play. Unlike Spribe’s version, BGaming Plinko features only one row of multipliers and sequentially nine peg row modification options, from 8 to 16.

Below the multipliers line, you’ll see the Manual (M) and Auto (A) Bet Modes panel. On the opposite side of this panel, you’ll find the game’s three risk (volatility) levels. Separating these two panels is a massive “Play” button that starts the game. You’ll also find the bet adjustment UI elements that increase or decrease your bet size. Finally, clicking the medal icon on the top right corner displays the provably fair hash details and hitting the (?) icon reveals the online Plinko rules.

Autoplay settings

BGaming also offers an autoplay feature but doesn’t provide many options compared to the Plinko version from Spribe. The only option available is the number of rounds, ranging from 10 to 1000, and there are no settings to customise when this feature can stop. If you wish to alter the game settings like volatility, you must manually stop the autoplay mode.

Risk levels in BGaming Plinko

There are three risk levels players can choose from in this Plinko online version: High, Normal, and Low. You can click the appropriate UI buttons at the bottom to switch among these variance options. Changing the volatility will change the available multipliers on the board, as follows, assuming a 16-line format is used:

  • High: 0.1, 0.2, 0.2, 2, 4, 9, 26, 130, 1000
  • Normal: 0.2, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 3, 5, 10, 41, 110.
  • Low: 0.4, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.4, 2, 9, 16.

During a high-risk gameplay mode, most of your balls will land on the false multipliers (0.1, 0.2, 0.2), which will return less than the wagered amount. This is because these low multiplier coefficients are more centrally placed, and mathematically, the Plinko balls tend to land on these slots. 

However, in the best-case scenario, a big multiplier in this mode can recoup your losses and even leave you with a profit. In Normal mode, you can enjoy moderate wins; in Low mode, wins are frequent but small. Notably, increasing or reducing the number of lines will affect the multipliers you see on the board.

BGaming Plinko payouts and bet limits

The least a player can wager per ball in this online Plinko version is $1, while the maximum is $100. Judging from this, BGaming Plinko is more suited to medium and high rollers. A player’s payouts will depend on the following factors:

  • Risk level
  • Bet amount
  • Number of peg lines used

Assuming you’re playing with the max bet ($100) under the High-risk level and with a 16-line format, the maximum you can win is $100,000. If you reduce the risk levels to Normal and Low and assume everything else is constant, the max payout you can receive is $11,000 and $1600, respectively. Please note that the above example assumes that the ball will land on the highest multipliers (far right/left) in each mode, which will take many rounds before happening.

Winning odds in BGaming Plinko

Another distinctive feature of the Plinko online game from BGaming is the addition of winning odds of a particular multiplier. If you move your cursor over the game’s multipliers, you’ll see a small popup that displays the amount you can win relative to your selected bet amount. Also, you’ll view the probability of that multiplier winning- this is the more valuable data, especially for online Plinko aficionados who would like to fine-tune their strategies and gameplay for the best outcomes. These are the multiplier winning odds at High-risk mode in a 16-line format:

  • 0.1x:  19.6%
  • 0.2x:  17.5%
  • 0.2x:   12.2%
  • 2x:      6.7%
  • 4x:      2.8%
  • 9x:      0.9%
  • 26x:    0.2%
  • 130x: 0.02%
  • 1000x:  0.002%

From the odds above, your chances of landing the higher multipliers (9x to 1000x) are pretty low, meaning a huge chunk of your winnings will be false wins, leading to losses. So, if you’re going to use the High-risk mode, ensure you have a massive bankroll to wait out the false wins in anticipation of the higher multipliers. Notably, these odds of landing a multiplier remain unchanged if you reduce the risk level without changing the line format. The only thing that changes is the multiplier values. For example, with Normal and Low-risk modes, the chances of landing the highest multipliers (110x and 16x) are the same, 0.002%.

Plinko XY and Plinko Easter from BGaming

BGaming has two more versions of the Plinko online game: Plinko XY and Plinko Easter. These two versions are almost identical to the main version bar a few slight differences. For example, with online Plinko XY, the only change is the black background with orange colour contrasts in the game interface. All other game elements, from payouts and the number of line options available to multipliers and volatility levels, are a replica of the original BGaming Plinko game online.

As for the Plinko Easter game version, it features the same elements, except it has a holiday (Easter) theme. It has a light green colour background with green grass bushes acting as the pins on the board. You can still switch from 8 to 16 lines, but Easter eggs replace the Plinko balls in this version.

Turbo Plinko from Turbo Games

Turbo Plinko

Turbo Games is a relatively new software vendor specialising in engineering instant-win games. Its games are provably fair and feature best-in-class graphics, animations, and sounds, with Turbo Plinko being an excellent example. Turbo Plinko features an impressive black and blue background with the triangular Plinko online board at the centre of the game interface. At the top of the Plinko board, you’ll see about nine yellow-coloured Plinko balls rotating in a device (like a bingo ball machine). You’ll find the High, Medium, and Low-risk levels on either side of the Plinko board (at the top).

At the board’s base, you’ll see the various game multipliers, which change as you increase or decrease the volatility and number of peg rows. Below the multipliers are the various UI features you can use to alter the bet size and number of rows (8-16). Also, you’ll find a “Drop 5 Disks” button, which you click to commence gameplay. Your balance and game settings are at the top right corner of the game interface. If you click the gear icon (settings), you can change your username and access the bet limits, history, and rules.

Launching disks in Turbo Plinko

Turbo Games released this unique online Plinko game in September 2022. The distinctive feature of this Plinko version from the ones above is that five disks/balls are released at once. This is the minimum number of balls, and each ball is worth the minimum bet you selected. Notably, the minimum and maximum bets in the game are $0.1 and $100.

So, if you had a $1 minimum stake, it’ll cost you $5 when you hit the “Drop 5 Disks” button. The total bet amount is indicated on this ball-trigger button. However, you can play with up to 10 disks simultaneously. Simply use the (-) and (+) buttons to the left and right of the “Drop 5 Disks” button to decrease or increase the number of disks you want to play with. If you increase the number of balls, this ball-trigger button will change to the number of balls chosen. For example, “Drop 7 Disks.”

How to adjust volatility levels in Turbo Plinko

Like other Plinko games online, with this feature, you change the variance level to suit your gaming style and gambling budget. To change the risk levels of the game, click on any of the risk-level bars on either side of the Plinko board. The lowest bar represents the Low-variance mode and features low-value multipliers that deliver small but frequent wins. The second bar is the Medium-variance option, while the bar on the top (yellow) represents the High-risk mode. Of course, during High-risk gameplay, the multipliers are high but rarely hit.

Payouts and RTP in Turbo Plinko

Turbo Games has a published RTP (return to player) coefficient of 97% in its Plinko online gambling game. RTP is the statistical average of payouts over many gambling rounds. As for the payouts, the maximum multiplier you can get in Turbo Plinko is 1000x while on the High-volatility mode in a 16-row format. The maximum payouts you can get for the Medium and Low variances in this row format are 120x and 22x your stake, respectively. Like in other Plinko online games, reducing or increasing the number of rows in Turbo Plinko affects the multipliers you get during gameplay.

1x2gaming Plinko Go

Plinko Go

1x2gaming is a UK-based supplier of fixed odds gaming products founded in 2002. The company supplies online slots, scratch games, keno, and arcade-style titles like Plinko Go. The provider’s version of online Plinko is simple and features a minimalistic design. When you launch the game, you’ll see the Plinko board offset to the left of the interface, while on the left are your bet statistics: Time, Bet, Payout, and Return.

The game’s background is filled with neon colours, and at the top of the pyramid board, you’ll see a spinning wheel with multiple red balls inside. Just below the board’s pegs, you’ll see the various multipliers that change with the increase or decrease of multipliers and row formats. Concerning row formats, this Plinko online game offers four options: 8, 10, 12, and 14, as displayed below the multipliers.

On the opposite side of these row formats, you’ll find the volatility levels (Low, Medium, and High), with the Spin and autoplay features in between. Your balance is displayed below these UI elements, plus the option of increasing and reducing your bet size. The game’s settings menu is in the top right corner, where you can find information about the game, like RTP, how to play Plinko online, etc.

Autoplay settings

You can click the Spin button once to launch a ball from the top of the board. Alternatively, you can use the auto spin feature offered by 1x2gaming. The autoplay feature doesn’t offer advanced options; you can only choose the number of rounds you wish to play from 5 to 99.

Volatility levels and payouts

Plinko Go from 1x2gaming also features three variance levels: Low, Medium, and High, with the option of choosing your desired rows from 8, 10, 12, and 14. Notably, 14 is the maximum number of peg rows you can use compared to the above-discussed online Plinko editions with 16 lines. Plinko Go offers a max payout of 420x your stake.

This multiplier appears after you’ve activated the High-variance mode and while playing with a 14-row format. In the same row format, the max payout you can receive while in the Low and Medium variance mode is 10x and 58x your initial stake. Regarding bet limits, these will be decided by the online casino, but you can stake as little as $0.30 per ball.

Hacksaw Gaming Plinko

Hacksaw Plinko

Hacksaw Gaming is an excellent iGaming developer with years of experience in crafting online slots, scratch cards, and instant-win games. The company has multiple licences, including from the MGA, and its titles are accredited as fair by eCOGRA. Plinko Dare2Win is an excellent example of one of its instant-win games. Dare2Win is a trademark of Hacksaw Gaming, representing a series of instant-win titles designed to appeal to all types of players.

Online Plinko from Hacksaw Gaming features a simple yet attractive layout, with most of the game’s interface occupied by the Plinko board and a single row of multipliers below the board. To the left of the pyramid, you’ll find the essential UI features to help you configure the game to your preferences. For instance, you can adjust the title’s risk level and choose the number of peg rows you want to play with (sequentially from 8 to 16).

The minimum you can play with is $0.10, while the maximum is $100. You can use the relevant toggles to adjust your bet amount. You’ll find your casino balance, game history, game rules (click the (i) button), and sound settings at the base of the left sidebar menu base.

Autoplay and Turbo mode

Hacksaw Gaming Plinko offers an autoplay feature accessible from the top of the sidebar on the left. You can customise this feature to play between 10 and 1000 rounds and use advanced settings to set your loss and single-win limits. The autoplay feature stops automatically when the set loss and single-win limits are reached.

In addition, this online Plinko gambling game features a Turbo mode that allows you to experience a faster game round. However, this feature may not be available to all casino operators and jurisdictions. Turbo play is activated from the side menu.

Risk levels and payouts in Hacksaw Gaming Plinko

This Plinko online edition offers the same volatility levels as other Plinko titles (Low, Medium, and High). Think of this as difficulty levels in the game. With Low volatility, wins are easy to come by, but payouts are small. As you increase the difficulty level to High volatility, wins are rare, but when they hit, you can experience higher payouts than the risk levels. To adjust the variance levels, simply tap on one of the tabs labelled Low, Medium, or High on the side menu.

Similarly, you can configure the number of peg rows you’d like on the playing board. The options are 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16. The more you increase the number of peg rows, the more multipliers appear on the board and, consequently, their values. The most noteworthy feature of Hacksaw Gaming Plinko is the lucrative payouts. The least you can win on Low volatility mode with the minimum peg rows (8) is 4x your stake. On the flip side, the maximum you can win is 3623.8x your bet. This payout is available on High volatility with maximum peg rows (16).

Mass launch of Plinko balls

In this online Plinko game, clicking the “Bet” button releases one ball (blue). However, you can have more than one ball descending the pyramid. To do this, click the “Bet” button as many times as you wish, and a corresponding number of balls will be released about one second apart. Nevertheless, please note that when clicking the Bet button each time, your initial bet amount is deducted from your balance. So, it’s essential to keep track of your balance.

Hacksaw Gaming has an impressive feature in this Plinko online version, allowing players to view a video of the ball falling down the board for all their bets (win or lose). To access this feature, click the History button at the bottom of the side menu and tap the “Play” icon to view the game round details.

Smartsoft Gaming Plinko X

Plinko X

This provider took an interesting approach in designing its edition of online Plinko, which some players might fancy. So, Plinko X from Smartsoft Gaming features the now common pyramid-shaped board offset on the left of the game interface. In the background, there’s a virtual forest with rocks, trees, bushes, etc., some with neon colours, but the blue is dominant. On the right, you’ll find player statistics such as Multipliers, Bet, Win, and Time. Also, from here, you can see how many players are currently playing Plinko online.

This online Plinko version features an ambient soundtrack, which you can switch off anytime from the menu icon on the top right corner. Click the hamburger icon to access the sound and other settings like rules, paytable, full-screen mode, RTP (97%), etc. Below the Plinko board, you’ll find the UI buttons to place your bet, access autoplay, and adjust your bet size ($0.10 minimum).

Autoplay and Turbo Play

Smartsoft Gaming’s autoplay feature allows players to choose from 50 up to 1000 auto spins. Furthermore, players can customise the feature to stop if;

  • A single win is more than your decided value.
  • The balance decreases more than your set value.
  • The balance increases more than your set value.

This Plinko online casino game also offers a Turbo play mode, which makes the Plinko balls descend the pyramid much faster, thus allowing players to enjoy a fast gambling experience. The Turbo Play option is on the right side of the pyramid and can be activated or deactivated.

How about volatility, peg rows, and payouts?

Now, this is where Smartsoft Gaming’s Plinko game online varies from the ones already featured above. Plinko X doesn’t feature any volatility levels, and the number of peg rows cannot be adjusted. The number of peg rows is fixed at 16. So, what’s unique about this online Plinko version? On top of the pyramid-like Plinko board, you can see a wheel with different colour balls spinning inside the wheel. These balls are coloured Pink, Yellow, and Red (with a flame).

With that in mind, to the left of the board, you can see these balls arranged vertically, each with a different multiplier: Pink (1x), Yellow (5x), and red (10x). Most of these balls are Pink, then Yellow, and Red in descending order. Therefore, when you hit the “Place Bet” button after choosing your bet size, one ball will drop from the top (usually Pink) and land on any of the multiplier pockets at the board’s deck. Alternatively, if you’d like to release many balls simultaneously, you can press and hold the “Place Bet” button. In doing so, balls will start falling (about one second apart).

Payout calculations in Plinko X

Notably, the Plinko X balls randomly drop, but most of the time, the Pink balls with a 1x multiplier will fall. This is the game’s version of volatility, which the player has no say in. The highest multiplier in the game is 1000x, but this multiplier can be increased depending on what ball colour drops from the bingo-like machine at the top of the pyramid.

So, suppose, in the best-case scenario, a Red ball (10x) drops and lands on the 1000x multiplier on either edge of the board. In that case, the 10x Plinko X ball will be multiplied by this pocket multiplier, 1000x. That means if you had a wager of $20, you’d end up with a fantastic payout of $200,000. The same applies to the other balls landing on the different pocket multipliers on the board.

Funky Games Plinko S

Plinko S

Funky Games is a relatively new iGaming software provider founded in 2019. Despite that, the game developer has a commendable game portfolio ranging from table games and online video slots to keno and arcade games. Plinko S is one of the provider’s most notable arcade games. The online Plinko game features a simple design with every game detail at the centre of the interface.

The game has a fixed 16-peg row format, and players cannot adjust the number of lines. Also, there’s no option to configure variance levels, but judging from multipliers at the base of the pyramid-like Plinko board, it’s safe to assume the game is set to a high variance level by default. This is because of the 17 multipliers at the base; five of them are (0), meaning you’ll win nothing.

Payouts in Plinko S

Moreover, the zero-pocket multipliers are, of course, centrally placed where most of the balls land. So, in most of the rounds in Plinko S, you’ll come out empty-handed. Here’s what the multipliers in Plinko S look like 1250, 250, 40, 14, 4.5, 2.5, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 2.5, 4.5, 14, 40, 250, 1250.

Still, players can look forward to the 1250x multipliers. With this multiplier and considering your Plinko online casino bet thresholds, you can win a decent amount. Assuming the max bet limit is $50, the 1250x multiplier will yield a maximum payout of $62,500.

Mass launch of Plinko S balls and Autoplay

With Plinko S, the minimum number of balls that are released in one round is 10. All these balls will likely end up in the 0 multiplier pockets in a single round. However, the game has an option to increase the ball amounts from 10, 25, up to 50. So, with that in mind, it might be a great strategy to play with the maximum number of balls (50). That way, you can boost your winning chances. Fortunately, increasing or decreasing the ball numbers doesn’t affect your initial bet amount.

Funky Games Plinko S also has an autoplay option, which can be customised to the number of rounds you wish to play- up to 30. Unfortunately, the autoplay feature doesn’t have an advanced setting to stop the feature automatically. Still, when the feature is active, the “Play” button will switch to “Stop” while displaying the remaining rounds. As such, you can click the “Stop” button at any time to halt autoplay mode.

Plinko UFO and Plinko Megawin from Funky Games

Plinko UFO

The provider also has two more Plinko online games in its library. These Plinko games online feature the same layout as Plinko S but with a few adjustments. For example, Plinko UFO has adopted a Sci-Fi theme. The game is set up in a cow ranch where a UFO (saucer-like spaceship) lands. Like Plinko S, Plinko UFO has a fixed 16-peg row format with an autoplay feature and the same settings options. However, Plinko UFO has different multipliers, with the centre multipliers (0.2x) yielding false wins and the max multipliers being 1000x. In addition, the title has a special bonus (multipliers of 2x, 5x, and 10x), which can appear below on any pocket multiplier to award you boosted payouts.

Regarding Plinko Megawin, the game features the same layout as the other Funky Games online Plinko titles. However, Plinko Megawin features adjustable peg rows (12, 14, and 16). In addition, it features three-row multiplier levels at the base of the Plinko board, each row of a different colour, representing the volatility levels in the game. The volatility levels include Normal, Super, and Mega and are activated by pressing the corresponding UI buttons at the bottom of the game’s interface. A green ball will drop when you click the Normal button, and yellow and pink balls when you click the Super and Mega buttons. The max payout you can get when playing Plinko Megawin for real money with 12 and 14 rows is 1000x your bet and with 16 rows, 1250x your stake.

Online Plinko casino game tips

When playing the Plinko game online, you must know a few things. First, online Plinko is a game of pure luck and chance. Secondly, the RNG (random number generator) software governs the game, randomly deciding the ball’s trajectory with each spin/round. As such, no strategy can guarantee increased winnings during gameplay. Still, there are some tips and tricks you can employ to have a smooth Plinko online gambling experience. Here are a few tips you can consider:

  1. Most Plinko online games feature three volatility (risk) levels. So, adjust these variance levels to match your payout expectations and bankroll. Players with a considerable balance can opt for the high variance level since they can withstand the losses while hunting for the higher multipliers that yield significant payouts. If you’re on a budget, consider choosing a low-risk level.
  1. You can try the mass launch of online Plinko balls (a lump sum release of balls is offered in some versions). Chances are some of the balls can land on pockets with higher multipliers, which could lead to a positive net win. However, please keep track of your bankroll, as it can be depleted quickly.
  1. Use the autoplay feature cautiously since it’s easy to work through your balance without noticing. This is because, in this mode, balls are released quickly (one second apart), and incorrect advanced autoplay configurations can deplete your balance.
  1. You can exploit bonuses and promotions when offered. Just ensure these rewards are eligible for use in the Plinko online game and feature reasonable bonus terms like wagering requirements.
  1. Finally, play Plinko online for free to test these recommended tips and any you might have up your sleeve before playing for real money. That way, you can see what tips fit your playing style.


If you yearn for an evening TV nostalgia of the famous “The Price is Right” show, online Plinko is the perfect game. The online casino game offers a scintillating blend of the thrill you were used to and an extraordinary, immersive, hands-on experience when playing the game. The bonus is that you can enjoy Plinko online from anywhere in South Africa on any device, including mobile. The Plinko game online features straightforward rules and requires zero skills to play.

So, any Mzansi gambler can try their luck with this instant-win title. The advantage is that players can customise the various online Plinko titles to suit their preferences and gambling styles. The available configuration options include volatility and the number of peg rows, which usually dictate the number and multiplier values you play with. Additionally, you can launch multiple Plinko balls to enhance your playing experience. Ideally, players can win over $100,000 when playing the Plinko game online for real money. Who would say no to that?

Online Plinko FAQ

What is Plinko?
It’s an online casino game adapted from The Price is Right TV show. It’s played on a pyramid-shaped board with multiple rows of pegs, acting as obstacles for the Plinko ball as it falls towards the deck.
How do I play Plinko online?
Depending on the online Plinko game provider, you must select the volatility, number of pin rows, and number of Plinko balls. Next, choose your desired bet amount and hit the trigger button to release the balls.
How much can I win in Plinko?
That depends on the game provider of your ideal online Plinko game. Therefore, from the games reviewed on this page, the highest payout is $362,000 from Hacksaw Gaming Plinko. Other Plinko online versions can offer max payouts upwards of $100,000.
Is Plinko rigged?
No. The online Plinko games discussed herein use the RNG algorithm or Provably Fair technology to ensure fairness and transparency.
How many software providers of Plinko are there?
Many. We’ve tried to feature Plinko games from as many providers as possible on this page. Still, you can find online Plinko versions from providers like Gaming Corps, Bet Solutions, etc., depending on the online casino you’re playing from in SA.
Can I play Plinko via cryptocurrencies?
Absolutely! If you find a Plinko online crypto casino in South Africa, you can wager with coins like Bitcoin, Tether, etc.
Can I play Plinko on mobile?
Yes. Online Plinko is optimised for mobile gameplay across iOS and Android devices on any mobile casino or app.