Best Visa Cards Online Casinos in South Africa

Last updated: 27.02.2022

You have an opportunity to settle your online casino banking through Visa, a global payment technology corporation present in over 200 countries across the globe. Their journey began in 1958 with the launch of the first credit card system for middle-class people in the U.S. In 1974, they expanded internationally and a year later, introduced their debit card. Proud of being the pioneer in electronic payments, Visa is by far one of the easiest ways for South Africans to make transactions with international and local online casinos. To use their service, you need an active bank account and a Visa card of any kind.

How to get a Visa card

You can apply for a Visa card on or visit the nearest financial institution that issues credit cards. There are three major types of cards (Credit, Debit and Prepaid) and five levels of membership (Classic, Gold, Platinum, Signature, Infinite). Whichever product you acquire in the bank, you can always use it for online banking with your favorite online casino. Here is a short breakdown on types of Visa cards:

  • Credit. You may borrow money and spend it up to a pre-set limit. Credit cards can have different fees, spending limits and interest rates
  • Debit. You may spend only your own money. Debit cards have no debt and interest–money is taken directly from your personal checking account
  • Prepaid. A reloadable card you can get without opening a bank account. A great thing for gambling if you want to have better control over your spendings

Online casinos that accept Visa

It is not an exaggeration to say that practically every online casino in South Africa operates with Visa cards. To come across top sites friendly to this payment option, please read our unbiased reviews. Online casinos that use Visa offer a wide variety of bonuses, video slots and other entertainment options to newcomers and patrons.

Visa deposit to online casinos

Getting your money sent to a gambling site is a sleepwalk. Just make sure to adhere to the following instructions:

  • Go for a trusted casino in which credit cards are accepted
  • Jump to the Cashier (or it can be named “Banking”) and pick Credit Card as a deposit option
  • Acknowledge the prompts you will see on the screen when filling out Expiration Date, Name and other obligatory fields
  • Confirm the transaction. It will be completed in a matter of minutes and the money will appear on the site balance successfully. Mind that you must use your own credit card, otherwise you will be unable to withdraw to the card which is not yours    

Visa withdrawal from online casinos

There are quite a bit of casinos that offer Visa as a withdrawal option. If you got your lucky break to have won some cash, you might want to draw it from the casino to your bank account. Here are a few easy steps to secure payout to a Visa card:

  • Be sure to have enough funds in the casino, minding the lower limit imposed thereby
  • Select Credit Card option for withdrawal and insert the required personal and banking details
  • Enter the amount (in ZAR, USD or other currency) you want to withdraw
  • Confirm the transaction

Sending to / receiving money from merchants is free of charge. But it has become commonplace that online casinos with Visa routinely apply their own fees on outgoing transactions, deducting around 1% to 2% from the amount.

Pros and cons to using Visa

Speed of transactions, world-class security and ease of access to credit are but a few principal reasons of Visa’s global distribution. From the perspective of gamblers, the following advantages can be listed:

  • Wide acceptance of Visa cards in SA-friendly online casinos
  • Free or low-cost transactions
  • Easy to top up a Visa-linked bank account and draw money from it (in an ATM or at a branch)
  • Multi-layer safety measures–your money is always kept secured, unless you disclose your critical banking details yourself
  • Visa deposits qualify for casino bonuses

The cons to Visa products are:

  • Some banks do not allow gambling transactions
  • Withdrawals can take longer than expected due to casino’s verification of the cardholder’s eligibility to use the card
  • High interest rate on some credit cards.

Summary to Visa cards

Hard-to-beat reliability, security and many years of impeccable operation give an edge to Visa credit cards in the gambling industry. Many online casinos that accept Visa take pride in having excellent track record. Join any of our reviewed and vetted casinos and enjoy piece of mind with Visa payments.

Reviewed by Thomas Zamora Thomas Zamora