Best Neteller Online Casinos in South Africa

Last updated: 27.02.2022

The popular online payment solution provides services to users in almost all countries throughout the world including South Africa. As of today, Neteller ranks among top 5 payment providers because of its universal distribution across eshops and websites that sell goods or services. Online casinos all over the globe, apart from the U.S. and some other countries, accept Neteller deposits and support Neteller withdrawals. Low fees, seasoned support reps, widespread use and fail-free operations make it one of the most convenient payment method for SA online casino visitors.

In the Neteller’s personal area a registered user can do the following:

  • Pay for online purchases and make other payments. Using a virtual account, one can send money to hundreds of online casinos
  • Transfer money to other people even if they do not have a Neteller account
  • Exchange money
  • Send money to own bank cards.

The most loyal Neteller users, who make regular sizeable transactions are assigned VIP levels such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each new level enjoys higher cash withdrawal limits, free of charge money transfers and other benefits. A Neteller casino list is very long because this digital wallet complies with the best standards on security and simplicity. Stats say the number of active Neteller users has exceeded 23 million as of now.

Neteller account registration

To begin using the flexible Neteller services and deposit money into online casinos, a user needs to create an account on Here is a brief guide of how to open an account:

  1. Click Join for Free
  2. On a new page, indicate your name and address, and create a password
  3. Click Register Now. At this stage, no phone number or email address verifications are performed. Opening a Neteller account and its use are free. Every user must make at least one transaction a year, lest the system takes $40 from the account
  4. To finalize registration, a user needs to select an account currency from 28 options including ZAR. Note that the initial selection is final and cannot be redone later, except for when the user obtains a Silver VIP status. The account currency should be selected carefully: If a Neteller casino offers other currencies then the one selected originally by the user, a conversion fee of 3.99% is applicable
  5. The user is then asked to enter his personal details – this is a mandatory step and cannot be skipped
  6. The user then receives a six-digit id number for additional security. It should be remembered or stored in a safe place because it will always be used for account authentication.

Some critics rant about too complex a registration for an online payment gateway but this seemingly complicated procedure pays off in a big way: For today, Neteller is considered by experts to be an absolutely reliable, crack-proof online payment method, and this is one of the reasons why there are many Neteller casino offers these days.

Uploading funds into Neteller and depositing to online casinos
Funds can be added to a Neteller account via multiple deposit methods including the most popular credit cards. Each incoming operation for uploading funds to a Neteller account is charged at 2.5% of the amount, and the declared processing time is 15 minutes. If there is a need of funding an online casino account with any amount, the player should visit the Cashier section in the casino, select Neteller as a deposit method and enter a needed amount. After getting redirected to a Neteller account page, a SA player has to sign in, enter the required personal details (the six-digit Secure id) and complete the transaction. Top Neteller casinos reviewed here do not impose whatever fees in that respect.

Withdrawal from a Neteller account

A user who has an active Neteller wallet can cash out money directly to a bank account or draw it at any ATM across South Africa where MasterCard is accepted. Withdrawal options are:

  • Transfer to a bank account or a debit/credit card. In this case, a $10 fee applies
  • Sending money to a Skrill wallet with no charges. A 3.99% conversion fee applies if the currencies of the two accounts differ.

Neteller MasterCard

The operator issues plastic cards operating on the MasterCard platform. They are linked to a personal Neteller account and can be used for online purchases and at other locations where MasterCard is accepted (shopping malls, drugstores, ATMs etc.). The card is sent to the customer within 2 to 10 days after making an application on the Neteller website (shipment costs 10 euros). There are certain daily limits on withdrawing funds from ATMs and these are very flexible (for more information, consult the Neteller website).

Buying and selling bitcoins in Neteller

Not every gambling site on the Neteller casino list accepts crypto. If a SA user has cryptocurrency, wants to exchange it into ZAR or other currency, he can do this in the Neteller personal area with an exchange fee of 1.5% or 3% applied.

To summarize the experience offered by this popular digital wallet, Neteller provides a low-cost payment gateway that users of South Africa should not miss out.

Reviewed by Mason Barrington Mason Barrington