Best MasterCard Online Casinos in South Africa

Last updated: 27.02.2022

MasterCard is widely regarded as a very suitable credit card method for making payments with online casinos in South Africa. Debit and credit cards of this global financial company are issued in practically every SA financial institution and are readily accepted in most online casinos in that country. Increasingly more South Africans start to use MasterCard products for their online banking needs related to gambling, as this is a quick, safe and secure option that allows you to get money on the casino account within the space of a few minutes.

Find the card that is right for you

Second only to Visa in global distribution and coverage of services, MasterCard offers a few types of cards, all boasting of safe and simple solutions for online casino payments:

  • Maestro Debit: linked to a checking account owned by the person
  • Credit: a player is entitled to spend credit money within preset limits
  • Prepaid:  a card that you can reload with the amount you want to spend each time. It is not linked to a bank account

Pros and cons to online casinos that accept MasterCard

It stands to reason that the international payment provider has many advantages, otherwise it will not have made a name for itself. In terms of gambling, players get to face the following pros:

  • MasterCard features wide acceptability across online casinos operating in South Africa
  • Ease of getting your hands on MasterCard: credit cards of this brand are issued in many banking institutions in your vicinity
  • Cheap and in many cases fee-free services
  • Extra security layers put in place when making online payments: 3D Secure (you are sent a one-time password before making a purchase), ID Check and other tools

Whichever card you get, it is perfectly suited for gambling transactions. Notwithstanding their tried-and-true reliability and global recognition, MasterCard solutions have a couple of cons that are not too critical though, but you should know them:

  • Some banks in South Africa are reluctant to approve the funds received from online casinos and reverse transactions like these. To ameliorate your gambling experience, you’d better consult your bank specialists to learn if they impose any restrictions in this respect
  • Cashout can be longer than expected (up to a few days)

MasterCard payments

Online casinos that use MasterCard make provisions for fast, simple and comfortable transactions between the casino and punters. To transfer money to a casino balance, you are to create an account with a trusted gambling site, jump to the cashier page, pick the MasterCard deposit option and fill out the required personal and banking details like your name, card expiry date and the amount you would like to get transferred. MasterCard withdrawal runs in a similar vein as deposit, with a player asked to confirm their identity and address before the cashout is released to the recipient.

CC Authorization in online casinos

When a player would like to make a cashout with MasterCard, they are required to fill out a special document known as Credit Card Authorization Form, which is a law-binding step envisaged by governmental anti-laundering policies. All legal online casinos must do so. With this in view, every punter must submit scanned copies of their credit card involved in casino transactions, a photo of an ID (passport, etc.) and also affix the signature to the Form.

MasterCard fees

When there is a transaction between an individual and merchant (online casino), the former is exempt from any fees. Nonetheless online casinos do apply some charges on withdrawal, which can vary from 1% to 2% (or a bit higher). 

Transaction limits in online casinos with MasterCard

Financial institutions that issue MasterCard in South Africa often set daily (weekly) caps on online purchase (this mostly refers to Credit Cards, not Debit); however, many banks may adjust the limits if the customer asks them so. As far as online casinos are concerned, they also establish limits on MasterCard transactions, which are usually between $10 and $5000 or so. Players with a certain VIP class may count on more comfortable terms for this purpose.

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