Best EasyEFT Online Casinos in South Africa

Last updated: 27.02.2022

South African online casino users normally have sufficient payment options when it comes to funding an account or withdraw money from a casino website. EasyEFT is a regional ecommerce payment system created to satisfy the needs of SA shoppers who want to pay for an online purchase. Online casinos accepting EasyEFT are numerous because this payment option is extremely easy to use.

The most crucial thing about this method is that a person is not required to create a special account with this system or store money in an electronic wallet prior to any planned transaction. The essence is as follows: Whenever the player needs to deposit ZAR into an EasyEFT casino, he opens the related webpage in that casino, chooses the payment method in question and specifies the amount. He then should select a bank in which he has a current account. Currently, each of the Big Four – Absa Group, FirstRand Bank, Standard Bank and Nedbank – supports this option. The player is then redirected to the bank’s payment processing page and the transaction occurs within a few seconds after the bank confirms the player’s identity.

Useful method for ZAR transactions

EasyEFT is a relatively new system that was designed to serve the needs of shoppers in South Africa. It has small fees for merchants and no commissions for individuals, that is why it is found in many e-shops, web outlets and online casinos in South Africa. Since this is a local payment operator, it accepts the local currency, ZAR, without any conversion fees. Users who want to put money into the casino account will be saved the trouble of exchanging rands into euros or dollars, thus losing on exchange fees. In EasyEFT online casinos, registered users transfer ZAR and are credit ZAR to their casino accounts.

EasyEFT is an affordable solution for online casino goers
There is no need for making any steps and register somewhere. Thousands of SA residents use this convenient option as it cuts down on preparation. Two things are only required of a person who wants to get their funds transferred to the online casino: first, registration and valid account in the selected online casino and second, an account in a South African bank that supports EasyEFT payouts. If you are still not sure why you should consider this payment method, here is a short list of benefits that are inherent in EasyEFT:

  • Money move safely in both directions: to and from online casinos
  • Wide use of this method across online casinos in South Africa
  • Advanced privacy
  • Fast transactions
  • No banking commissions
  • No need to have a credit (debit) card to make transactions.

This payment method is not an electronic wallet or bank card as such, so there is no account to top up before using it. If the player decides to deposit ZAR into a gambling venue that supports this option, the money is deducted directly from the bank account. All financial operations are kept strictly confidential and are never revealed to the party that accepts money.

EasyEFT fees

The upside is that the operator does not impose any fees on common users. Merchants (online casinos) do have to pay some low percentage when they receive money from or send them to their customers yet ordinary gamers are free of any levies and fees. Some EasyEFT casinos do collect charges from users but those cases are rare indeed. Virtually every online casino reviewed here does not charge commissions on any EasyEFT trade.

Protection of personal details

EasyEFT actually serves as a kind of intermediary between a bank and merchant. This means the payment system neither submits player’s details (name, bank card number) to the casino nor keeps it stored. This provides an additional factor of security to each transaction initiated by a user. There is no risk of fraud, chargeback and other pitfalls.

Withdrawing funds via EasyEFT

Retrieving payouts from an online casino is a simple procedure with EasyEFT. A registered user should go to the Cashier section, choose EasyEFT as a withdrawal option and then specify the amount and the bank to which the money will be transferred. As a rule, outgoing transactions take two days to about a week, depending on the casino’s policies and other factors beyond the casino’s control. Many casinos will also ask for personal documents for verification purposes but this is a normal procedure, which is pertinent to all reliable gambling venues. Finally, no fees apply when requesting EasyEFT payouts.

Online casinos accepting EasyEFT in South Africa
EasyEFT is currently restricted to South Africa so many international online casinos offer this option to SA gamers. In the list of the most trustworthy and reputable casinos available here, most of them feature this payment method. EasyEFT ideally suits gamblers who want to play in a South African online casino because many sites have generous bonuses in sleeve, which are designed especially for EasyEFT users. Immediately after sign-up and deposit, the funds will be readily available on the casino account and can be easily withdrawn at any moment.

Reviewed by Josh Zboncak Josh Zboncak