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Visa & MasterCard online casinos in South Africa

VISA and MasterCard are the two payment cards which are widely used all over the world. Most people in the developed countries have one or more debit/credit cards issued by VISA or MasterCard banks because they are accepted in almost every point of sale, both online and in regular shops. Visa and MasterCard online casinos are abundant in South Africa. Payments made to and from these cards are processed almost instantaneously without any fees attached (though some rare casinos may apply their own commissions). Safety, ease of use and widespread distribution made these payment solutions a number one choice for many gamblers in South Africa who play casually on a regular basis.

VISA and MasterCard are actually payment networks that do not issue cards themselves – they authorize different banks across the world to issue credit and debit cards on their behalf. The card types look very similarly – all have a 16-digit code printed or embossed on the face side, a cardholder’s name (in some cases) and a panel with a cardholder’s signature on the back (in some cases). VISA cards have three levels of benefits: Traditional, Signature and Infinite. MasterCard also comes in three variations: Standard, World and World Elite.

Cards are not completely anonymous. Actually, third parties will never get access to user’s personal details unless voluntarily provided by the cardholder. However, the casino will have full knowledge of player’s bank account information. All the gambling sites listed on this website have a strong reputation in the industry so players are recommended not to look any further but refer to the tested and proven online casinos that accept VISA/MasterCard.

Cards became a traditional way of making purchases in all spheres of everyday’s life, from buying coffee to paying for utility and other services. Distinctions between VISA and MasterCard are so subtle that it sometimes makes no difference for an ordinary user which logotype is depicted on the card.

Visa casino advantages

  • VISA and MasterCard are internationally acknowledged financial services with easy and transparent terms of use
  • Instant transfer times with few steps to be taken to finalize a transaction
  • Very easy deposit and withdrawal procedures with no traps and pitfalls
  • Two-factor identification and advanced security
  • High maximum transaction limits
  • Cards are issued in almost every bank in South Africa.

Online casinos that accept Visa Debit cards

Debit cards have only the own amount deposited by a person to his bank account. A cardholder can only use his own money without racking up debt; however, many debit cards have an overdraft facility enabling a holder to spend the bank’s account up to the established limit. Anyway, VISA casinos accept debit cards and also pay out winnings on this card type without any problem whatsoever. The same refers to VISA Electron, a sister card to VISA Debit. It can never be overdrawn and the player has to use his own money for buying products or paying for services on the internet.

Online casinos that accept prepaid MasterCard

With a prepaid card, a user can only spend the amount that has been loaded onto it in advance. Prepaid cards are purchased in banks and other financial institutions. A card is not linked to a bank account and it will never be in the red because prepaid cards do not support overdraft transactions. There are not as many online casinos that accept prepaid MasterCard in South Africa because of person identification issues.

VISA and MasterCard online casinos

Both international financial services are highly reputable in the world. They are easy, quick to use and require the minimum steps to complete a transaction to/from an online casino. To deposit ZAR or other currency into an online casino and play for real money, players are recommended to look through the list of our recommended casino websites, sign up at a selected gambling venue and go to the Deposits page. After selecting VISA or MasterCard as a deposit method, the player will be navigated to the payment page on which personal details should be provided to complete the transaction (the 16-digit code, a CVV number on the back side and expiration date). The system verifies the payment by sending a random code to a personal phone number which the player needs to confirm to complete the deposit to the online casino.

Online casinos normally establish certain deposit limits for the minimum and maximum transaction amount. The lowest accepted sum is about $10 while the top amount accepted per transaction is around $4000.

Withdrawals from VISA/MasterCard online casinos

Note that not all online casinos allow for payouts to VISA or MasterCard credit/debit cards. So players are recommended to have a look at the casino’s page where terms and conditions are published. Withdrawal processing times usually last for 2 or 3 business days, and this usually stems from advanced customer verification procedures that must be performed for security reasons.

There are usually minimum and maximum withdrawal limits that the player must comply to avoid delays and withdrawal request denial. If the casino cannot pay out funds to MasterCard or Visa, players can opt to receive money on any other convenient option, for example, a Neteller or Skrill ewallet.